Hours At Hand [EP]

by Hours At Hand

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Mixed and mastered by Matheus Manente, Opilião Studio, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Drums recorded and mixed at AJ & Syd's Bump City Studios, North Hollywood, California, USA

Vocals recorded in Athens, Greece

Rhythm guitars and bass recorded at The Library Studio, Lenoir, North Carolina, USA

Released by The Library, 2016


released October 31, 2016

Jon Du Bose - Rhythm Guitar, Bass Guitar
Leonidas Hatzimihalis - Vocals
Matheus Menente - Lead Guitar
Mark Zonder - Drums

With; Ben Marrujo - Additional Guitars
Tarsila Silva, Cynthia Ann Bernal and Ron Swinderman - Spoken Words



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Hours At Hand Lenoir, North Carolina

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Track Name: The Bounding Main
The walls that we build between us
Unseen stand the test of time
Inflicted are the dreamers
From reality within

Always we seem to have lost the way
And the road we pave in ruins
Hopeless, the fear to fall astray
In a sea of shifting sand
And the endless space between us
In a sea of shifting sand

The walls we create like towers
Erected by the idle hands
Awaken are the dreamers
When reality ascends

Fear forever stays
Dwelling in confusion
A reason for change
Condition all too human
Questions in the maze
Fears forever reign
A reason for change
Questions in the maze

The walls that we build between us
Connected by the tides of time
Awaken we are dreamers
In reality’s hand

Always we seem to have lost our way
On the roads we’ve paved to ruin
Hopeless, the fear of disarray
In a sea of drifting sand
And the endless space

Hopeless we see
We seem to have lost the way
Hopeless we seem
We seem to have lost the way
Hopeless we seem
We seem to have lost the way
Hopeless we seem
We lost the way
Track Name: Empty Shadows
All that’s left in me
An empty shadow remains
Being and nothingness
Staring into their face
Always changes re-arranged
What is left inside of me ?

And I know that you’d forsake me
From the corner of your stare
A room of absence dwells a Stranger
Never there
Words are silence
Means to an end
And I know that you reflect me
Within your stare

Within your stare
Within your glare

Worlds apart divide
Between us subside
Our words are dust
In dark matter
The void we touch as dreams shatter

All that’s left inside of me
Empty shadows remain
Staring into nothingness
Always changes re-arranged

All that’s left in me
The strangest silence retained
Bled into nothingness
Empty shadows remain

What is left?
What is left?
Words of silence
Track Name: Into the Fray
One with the silence
Surrounds me
In the shades
Instant clarity
Eyes wide open
Grace the day

Spend your life
Chasing shadows
Of wasting time that’s falling thin
Hours and days
Rush through memories
In every fragment we find a dream

Tide and time
Drown in oceans
Fall in rhyme
And reason ends
The thread of consciousness unravels
And currents reach
The river’s edge

A Twist of fate
Upon us recalls
(Reminds me)
defines the moment
It fades to gray

A destiny
Upon a windfall
(And falls prey)
Our words come forth
Into the fray
Words come forth

Sea of mounting waves
Where a storm obscured horizon
Like a harvest waters drawn
Deeper the secrets lie within
Where the minds caress the void
And a thought’s released from darkness
Ascends towards the light
Out in the open
Breathes again

One with the elements
And our voices
Make no sound
Distinct clarity
Eyes wide open
Into the fray